Must Binge-Watch Shows

If you’re an unlucky fellow like me, you’ll be spending a big part of the summer at home for one reason or another. For me it’s because I have quite a bunch of exams in august and I kinda want to pass. But whether it’s because work kept you in town or out of a lack of money, if you’re staying at home you’ll need this. So keep on reading, because here is a list of shows you can binge-watch this summer. Continue reading “Must Binge-Watch Shows”

How To Grow Longer Hair

Whether it’s because of an unlucky haircut or just wanting to sport long locks for an upcoming event, we have all at least once in our lives wished to able to control our hair growth. I’m afraid I’ll have to tell you that I’ve not yet been able to find some magical serum that makes them grow overnight but I can give you a few tips that will help prevent damage (thus not/less frequently needing to cut off the split ends) and help stimulate the natural hair growth.

Continue reading “How To Grow Longer Hair”

Brussels VS Antwerp

This is one of the most popular ongoing debates in our beautiful country, which city is the “best”? While there are many cities in Belgium whom are exciting, pretty and full of history, most of the time the race gets cut down to these two. Some people might also include Continue reading “Brussels VS Antwerp”

What They Don’t Tell You About Going To Uni

This academic school year is coming to a end and with that, my first year at university studying science. I remember that last year around this time I couldn’t wait to be going. I thought I had it all figured out since I knew a lot of people at uni and. I’d even already been there a few times. But now, of course, I realize that the real university experience is far off call from what I had dreamed up in my mind.  Continue reading “What They Don’t Tell You About Going To Uni”

Vegetarian 101

In my experience, being a vegetarian really isn’t “hard” at all, the only thing that sometimes bothers me is the reaction of the people around me. Honestly, I think that the phrase that I hear the most when people realise I’m vegetarian is: “OMG so like, what do you eat?! Salad?”. Continue reading “Vegetarian 101”